Places With Past, August 5, 2017


Saturday, August 5. 9 am to 3 pm.
Tickets are $25.00 per person.
Call 505-425-8803 for tickets or write an email at
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Places With A Past Historic Tour With Ghost Stories is a self-guided tour. Explore 9 beautiful historic homes and buildings and hear about the history of the properties and also the "spirits that haunt them"!!!
Docents will be at each place who will provide you with the history of the location and the ghosts within. Restless souls and ghostly sightings...Las Vegas has more than its share!!!
The Ghost Paranormal Investigators will be present to demonstrate how they investigate the "paranormal phenomena" of a haunted building!!!
Numerous sightings of Byron T. Mills who haunts the Plaza Hotel is our most famous ghost in town. But, the Castaneda Hotel has many reports of apparitions, including a most recent story of an old man walking the halls, tapping his cane as he goes. Both buildings have been featured on the Travel Channel Ghost Adventurers Show.
If you are afraid to be afraid, just enjoy the history of all the historic homes and buildings that Las Vegas has to offer.
Brought to you by the Las Vegas Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation.

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