We have collected and produced a great variety of items relating to Las Vegas heritage. Here is a sampling of our offerings:

  • Historical Monograph Booklets $8 each. Researched and written by CCHP board member Doyle Daves. Our current collection includes the following subjects:
  • James Bonney: Santa Fe Trail Pioneer New Mexico Settler (Was He the Grandfather of Billy the Kid?)
    Andreas Detlef Laumbach: Proponent of Education and Protestantism in Territorial New Mexico
    Maria Viviana Martin(ez): Wife of Three Santa Fe Travelers
    Trinidad Lopez: College Boy on the Santa Fe Trail
    Josepha Ortiz and Sylvester Davis: Her Real American Husband
    Henry Goke: Penniless Immigrant/ Wealthy Banker
    Milnor Rudolph: Santa Fe Trail Trader/Prominent Crtzen of Territorial New Mexico
    Richard Conway, Bernanrd Higgins and Thomas McGrath: Irish Soldiers at Fort Union and Their New Mexico Families
    May Hays: Mexican War Veteran/New Mexico Settler

  • Photo Notecards featuring Las Vegas historic homes by Patty Nelson $3.50
  • Nuestra Senora de los Delores de Las Vegas T-shirts, orange or teal $10; Santa Fe Trail Heritage Week T-shirts, tan $10, Santa Fe Trail T-Shirts, white $10
  • New Mexico Preservation Posters with Montezuma Castle, Hanging Windmill $5 • Stoner Map of Birdseye view of Las Vegas 1882 - $20
  • Las Vegas history discussions: Local attorney and historian Jesus Lopez has given weekly KFUN radio interviews on a range of topics encompassing early Las Vegas cultural, genealogical and political history. Each of these hour long presentations has been made available on a CD disk due to the generosity of Mr. Lopez and KFUN Radio. $3 each disk
  • Le Reunion Booklets: The history of the East & West Las Vegas consolidation by Lynne Perrigo. $10
  • Historic Photographs of Fort Union, matted. $20
  • Immaculate Conception Story: a wonderful compilation of photographs and stories about Immaculate Conception School. $10
  • DVD: "Unforgotten Voices of Las Vegas" $10. New Mexico Highlands University media class project incorporating historical photographs and local oral history presentations into a video production.