Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center

You know the old saying that everyone should be a tourist in his or her hometown. This is certainly true of Las Vegas, NM.

CCHP is proud to be the location of the Santa Fe Trail Interpretive Center in Las Vegas. Visitors come from all over the country to learn about the trail and Las Vegas. During the past couple of years we have had visitors from all over the United States, Germany, France, and South Africa. All leave with an appreciation of the history of Las Vegas and surrounding area.

If you have not had a chance to visit, we are located at 116 Bridge Street. We have historical displays, books, brochures and original photos that are of interest. Also available are copies of booklets written by Doyle Daves recounting the stories of families from the area - James Bonney, Andres Detlef Laumbach, Maria Viviana Martín(ez), Josefa Ortiz and Sylvester Davis, Trinidad Lopez, Richard Conway, Bernard Higgins and Thomas McGarth, May Hays, Milner Rudolph and Henry Goke.

Stop by and enjoy many photos and artifacts of the Santa Fe Trail, especially those from the Las Vegas, New Mexico area.

The Santa Fe Trail Interpretive center located in the Bridge Street Historic District can provide visitors with an in-depth history of the Santa Fe Trail through books, brochures and original photos of many interesting locations and events along the trail. Visit with the knowledgeable staff who can describe each photo and its importance.

The Las Vegas Citizens Committee for Historic Preservation (LVCCHP) office is located in the building. This organization is very active in preserving and promoting the history of Las Vegas.

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